Airbag Certified Seat Covers

Protective Seat Covers

Our New Zealand made custom fitted seat covers are made from 12 oz heavy duty canvas (with a soft feel). Perfect for protecting your seats against wear and tear from tough conditions. Water resistant and rot protected, workproof seat covers keep your seats looking like new. Air bag fitted, with contrast top stitching, these high quality covers come with a 1 year warranty for the standard canvas fabric and 5 years for the premium fabric.
Warranty Included Full 12 month manufacturer warranty for the standard canvas fabric & 5 years for the Premium fabric.

*Warranty Included Full 12 month manufacturer warranty for the standard canvas fabric & 5 years for the Premium fabric.

*Fitted to perfection. We have designed our cover to fit like a glove to the seat meaning less wear over time and giving you more bang for your buck. Our patterning is backed by our "Sure Fit" Guarantee if you aren't happy with the fit just send it back for a full refund! All WorkProof Seat covers are freighted or fitted in house, for free.

*Air bag fitted & certified Our seat covers have been airbag certified and tested for your protection and safety.

Please enquire if you are interested in customisable seat covers

We are constantly adding and updating our patterns if we don't have your vehicle covers we will do our best to source the vehicle then pattern it for you.
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Whether you’re using a vehicle for commercial or private purposes, it’s advisable to keep it in mint condition. One of the ways you can maintain the appearance of the interior is with protective seat covers for cars. Loading various types of objects into the vehicle or transporting certain products such as paint and other chemicals pose a threat to the status of your car’s seats. Accidents can happen, but you can prepare yourself by acquiring and installing protective seat covers for cars.

Work Proof Seat Covers is a reputable brand that New Zealanders have become familiar with because of its high quality and durability. We have a product for every type of vehicle, including 4x4 seat covers in NZ.


The Benefits of Fitting Heavy-Duty Seat Covers in NZ 

Some people still struggle with the decision to include seat covers or not. Perhaps, understanding the benefits that accompany this acquisition may help to decide.

  • There isn’t another plausible method to protect your original seats. Dirt, dust, and other contaminants will find their way into your seats either naturally or through a third party, such as a child enjoying food and drink in the car. The presence of seat covers means you won’t have to struggle to remove stains from your original upholstery. 
  • The harsh UV rays of the sun can cause damage to your car’s interior, particularly the seats. The more you expose the vehicle to the sun, the more it will cause your upholstery to fade, eventually leaving you with a decision to reupholster or replace the seats. The protective seat cover will prevent this process from occurring. 
  • Liquid spills can become problematic, especially if it soaks into your car seats. Waterproof car seat covers ensure that the liquid doesn't have the opportunity to cause damage to your seats. You can simply wipe off any moisture that ends up on the seat covers.

We’ve been canvas fabricating for over 40 years and pride ourselves on manufacturing first-rate car seat covers. We can customise the seats to suit the brand of your car as well as the name of your business. Contact us today to start the process of producing unique covers for your car seats.