Airbag Certified Seat Covers

Fitting Instructions

Front Seat Back

  1. Start by removing the headrests and fitting the covers. Leave the headrests out once completed.
  2. Most new trucks are fitted with a tongue that covers the airbag cable on the lower back of the seat. You will need to reach under the seat and unhook this tongue. You may need to cut and retie this elastic on newer models
  3. Slide the back seat cover over the back of the seat. Ensure that if you have a side airbag, the tag is facing the door side.
  4. Once sitting nicely, put the headrest back in through the eyelets.
  5. Now push the flap with the Velcro through the seat so that it comes out the back, then touch it to the rear Velcro.

Front Seat Base

  1. To fit the base, you will need to make sure you have the correct one for each side. We normally sew the fluffy Velcro in the centre of the truck to avoid it hooking when fitting the covers.
  2. Align the cover to the seat so that it looks nice on the seat and push the rear straps through the back.
  3. Pull the rear strap through underneath the seat to the front buckles and clip them up. Be careful of your airbag cables as you do this.
  4. Push the outside edge Velcro behind the plastic and then try to find a slot above the slider rail to pull it into the centre of the base.
  5. Push the cover in behind the plastic trim to tidy it up.
  6. Push the internal Velcro through and then connect them together under the seat. Be mindful of the airbag parts and don't pull the Velcro hard as it should reach fine!
  7. Slide the seat slowly back and forward to make sure the Velcro doesn't hit anything. It should if fitted correctly.
  8. Your base should now look awesome with no greases in it!

Rear Bench Back

  1. Start by removing the headrests and fitting the covers. Leave the headrests out once completed.
  2. Remove the seat belts from the elastic holders, if required.
  3. If your seat doesn't tilt forward, you will need to unbolt the seat from the base of the truck. We recommend removing the plastic side plates to avoid damage.
  4. Once removed, slip the cover over the seat and fit the headrests back in to get the correct placement of the cover.
  5. Attach the straps together or loop the Velcro around the rear of the seat.
  6. You may have to adjust the Velcro a few times to get the correct placement.

Rear Bench Base

  1. Slide the cover over the base.
  2. Push through any straps that have designated holes.
  3. Connect the straps or Velcro to the base.

Tips and Tricks from the team at Workproof

  • Use the pump lever on the front seats to lift the seat so the Velcro gap is larger, then pump it back down later.
  • Sit the Velcro above the elastic straps to avoid it touching the floor of the truck and sticking.
  • If your truck is fitted with a turn knob, please take the knob off and cut a small hole in the cover.

Note: Photos are taken in a 2013 Ford Ranger. Your setup may vary but will be similar.