Created by Peter May, Work Proof Seat Covers has evolved from his 40+ years as an auto trimmer.  Over the years Auto Trimming has gone from repairing seats in vehicles to now protecting them as well.

With the popular rise in Utility vehicles both as work and family vehicles it has become important to preserve the seat coverings and offer a great product with no compromise in fit or comfort.

The addition of air bags into the seats brought on a giant step for us here and we took the approach of safety first and invested heavily in machinery to ensure your seat covers have leading edge technology available and thorough testing by an independent body to have an air bag certified seam in each and every work proof cover that requires it. 

We love taking the seat covers off after many years to reveal an as new seat trim underneath. 

40 years plus of auto trimming experience ensures each and every pattern we take is crafted for a perfect fit.  Once the hand crafted patterns are entered into the computer our cutter plotter ensures exact cutting each and every time.  Our team of fabricators are experienced to bring together the seat covers for the perfect finish.

We take great pride in your seat covers and proud to be manufacturing in Mid Canterbury New Zealand.