Our Journey

Born from the expertise of a man named Peter May, a seasoned auto trimmer with over 40 years of experience.

With over four decades of auto trimming experience, our talented team meticulously craft each seat cover for a flawless fit. Utilizing advanced technology, our cutter plotter ensures precision cutting every time. Our skilled team of fabricators then brings these patterns to life, ensuring a perfect finish with every seat cover.

We take immense pride in our craftsmanship and our seat covers are made right here in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand. Protect your vehicle's seats with the reliability and quality that Work proof Seat Covers

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Bloody tough seat covers

Water proof, rot proof and bloody hard wearing–our seat covers protect vehicle seats from even the dirtiest derrieres.
Whether you’re hauling tools, chasing calves or ferrying family we’ve got a seat cover to suit.

Airbag certified

When seat airbags burst onto the scene, we didn't just buckle up, we embraced it with open arms (and sewing machines). Safety first, folks! We've invested in top-notch machinery to ensure each and every one of our covers is airbag-certified. Yep, we're serious about protecting your behinds.

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